Training Center

What is the Training Center?

For those that don’t know, MOWPA has been in negotiations with the University of Maryland, for the past few years, to acquire about 2 acres of ground for us to construct an Onsite Wastewater Training Center. The location is at the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) 4240 Folly Quarter Rd, Ellicott City. They have granted us the use of this 2 acres to demonstrate technologies and construction practices of most all systems utilized in the Onsite Wastewater Industry in Maryland. We plan to have all of the BAT treatment systems represented on this site. We plan to have mock-ups of sand mounds, at-grade mounds, LPDs, drip dispersal, and any other exhibits we can construct. We hope to be building a pavilion we can utilize for outdoor classes. The University of Maryland is planning to build a new facility, that we will have access to, to have a climate controlled classroom. This is truly big!! And we need your support.
Our vision includes the training of Onsite Wastewater Professionals, as well as University students, and the public on how Onsite Wastewater works. It can also be used for technology manufacturers to demonstrate current and new products.
PS: We are looking for a local company to mow the grass on this site. It is about 2 acres. If you know anyone interested, please let us know.

Training Clean Up Day 4/23/22 Thank you!

MOWPA would like to extend a thank you to the following MOWPA members and Onsite Wastewater Community members who helped at the site clean-up day last Saturday. They donated their time and/or equipment to help make the day successful! We appreciate everything that you all did to help bring us closer to our goal of making the training center a reality!  

– Mike Sample, Sample Excavation Co., Inc.

– Tim Shotzberger, Homeland Environmental

– Eric Garrett, Homeland Environmental

– Kurt Cassell, Fogles Septic Service

– Matt Geckle, Back River Pre-Cast, LLC.

– Jeremy Watt, Jade Enterprises  

A special thank you to Board Member, Eddie Harrison, who organized and lead the clean-up day.

4/23/22 Clean Up Day Pictures