Site Evaluation for Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems


Course Description :    
This three-day hybrid course offers detailed instruction on the proper field methodology and test procedures for conducting onsite sewage disposal site evaluations and making decisions about site suitability.  Special emphasis will be given to understanding and describing soil properties and site conditions in the Coastal Plain.  The course is based on the MDE Site Evaluation Training Manual, which serves as the course text and includes one day of classroom instruction and one day of field instruction at a variety of soil test pits.

At the completion of the course, students should be able to:
1.  List and explain the major steps used to evaluate and determine site suitability for onsite sewage disposal, as per state regulations.
2.  Describe generally how soil surveys are made and discuss the limitations in using soil surveys for on-site sewage disposal evaluations.
3.  List and describe the necessary soil properties and proper procedures and methods for collecting information in the field.
Describe the cylinder infiltrometer percolation test procedure used in evaluating soil suitability for sand mound systems and conduct a proper test.
5.  Explain how to use the available data and collected information to determine site suitability for onsite sewage disposal.

Participants will receive handout material from the MDE Site Evaluation Training Manual during the classroom session.  We recommend that the Manual be downloaded from the MDE web site and reviewed prior to attendance.  Classroom quizzes and field soil descriptions must be completed and submitted during the course to receive CEUs.

Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is intended for sanitarians, engineers, designers and regulators within the onsite wastewater industry.  It may also be valuable to installers who wish to better understand site evaluation as it relates to the system design and limitations.

Site Evaluation Course Materials

  • MDE Site Evaluation Training Manual for Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal Systems
  • 2022 Agenda for the Classroom Days

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